Get a Great Smile With Invisible BracesGet a Great Smile With Invisible Braces

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Get a Great Smile With Invisible Braces

Wearing braces used to involve large, ugly metal pieces stuck to your teeth. Many adults have rejected the idea of wearing braces because they felt they would look unprofessional or unattractive. Now there is a better way. I have been using invisible braces in my dental clinic for many years, and this blog will show you the variety of options you have for getting straighter teeth without traditional braces. Braces can now be completely clear, can be adhered to the back of you teeth, or can be used in the form of an invisible tray that fits over your teeth. Find out here how invisible braces can work for you.


Foods That Will Help To Clean Your Teeth Naturally

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned every few months is essential for maintaining healthy gums and to remove plaque. However, in between cleanings you should ensure that you eat foods that will help to clean your teeth naturally. You may not know which foods to eat to help prevent the growth of plaque and the formation of stains on your teeth. Here are some of the best foods for keeping your teeth clean. Read More 

Adolescent Orthodontic Options

Teens with crooked teeth have multiple orthodontic options nowadays. In the past, conventional braces with metal brackets and an archwire were the only choices for straightening the teeth. Even though conventional braces are still a great option for teen dental alignment, many teens prefer options that are not easily noticed in the mouth. Adolescence brings about many physical changes that can make a teen feel self-conscious. The addition of a bulky, easy-to-see orthodontic appliance can add to the feelings of awkwardness. Read More 

3 Tips For Taking Care Of A Broken Filling Until You Can See Your Dentist

While eating something hard, you may have accidentally broken the filling in your tooth. Even if you have already made an appointment with your dentist, you may wonder what you can do until then. If so, use the following tips for taking care of a broken filling until you can see your dentist. Rinse Your Mouth after Eating or Drinking When you break a filling, the cavity in your tooth beneath the protective covering becomes exposed. Read More 

Four Common Causes Of Dental Bone Loss

Losing some of your jawbone tissues has far-reaching consequences. For example, it can change your facial appearance and make it difficult for you to get a dental implant after losing a tooth. You need to understand the causes of jawbone loss so that you can prevent the preventable ones. Here are four examples of causes of jawbone loss: Periodontal Disease Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease that has spread from the gums to the connective tissues holding the teeth together as well as the jaw bones. Read More 

Causes Of Swollen Gums And How Your Dentist Can Help

Swollen and painful gums can be caused by a few different things. Since dental infections can sometimes be serious or lead to further complications, you should see your dentist when your gums are red, swollen, bleeding, or in pain. Here are some of the causes of this condition and how your dentist can help. Gum Disease Gum disease is one of the leading causes of swollen gums. You'll probably have other symptoms, too, such as bleeding when you brush your teeth and possibly bad breath that won't go away. Read More